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  • Melissa Cadieux

The Best Car Dealer Podcasts: Listen and Learn

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The Best Car Dealer Podcasts

In the auto dealer’s world, there are always new things to learn. In fact, continuous learning represents one of the biggest keys to success in the industry.

However, most car dealers simply don’t have the time to stay up-to-date with all the newest strategies and ideas. There are thousands of channels for obtaining this kind of information, and most provide very little, if any, helpful insight.

Car dealer podcasts make continuous learning much more convenient. You can listen to them on your way to work, while you run errands, while grabbing lunch and any other time you get in the car. They offer a great option for multi-tasking.

Here at Turbo Marketing Solutions, we have our own automotive marketing podcast called 30 Days To Sell Cars. In each episode, we feature our top strategies to help your dealership sell more vehicles. But even if we tried, we would never be able to cover the full spectrum of what’s required to help you grow every department, so we thought of providing you with a list of our “other” favorite shows.

The best car dealer podcasts are loaded with helpful information so that you can hone your skills quickly and effectively. We’ve put together a list of our favourite car dealer podcasts to get you started!

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The Dealer Playbook might be the most popular car dealer podcast out there right now. The creator of the podcast, Michael Cirillo, provides key information and resources in each episode. He often adds interviews from subject matter experts as well. All of these insights can help you make the next big step in your auto dealership business.

The podcast releases new episodes on a weekly basis, and it covers everything from sales and marketing to leadership in the automotive industry. Michael strives to present actionable ideas that can be easily implemented into your own daily process immediately.

You can find The Dealer Playbook podcast on YouTube, iTunes, Last FM and Stitcher Radio. Each time an episode is released, the team also shares all their notes from the show to give you a quick summary.

Ryan Stewman, the CEO of Hardcore Closer and the present of the firm’s podcast, has a long list of achievements in sales. He’s a best-selling author and contributes to big-time media platforms like Forbes and Entrepreneur. He’s also built a multi-million dollar company from scratch. The guy just makes thing happen.

Although The Hardcore Closer Podcast doesn’t specifically focus on car dealers, it provides countless insights into improving your sales numbers. Each episode presents actionable information paired with entertaining stories from Ryan’s experiences. The podcast stands out due to Ryan’s high energy level, and it can make a big different for you and your auto sales team.

As a fair warning, Ryan doesn’t know how to hold back. It’s probably what makes him a great salesman, and it’s also why the podcast is so entertaining. However, he can come off a little full of himself at times and often uses language that you don’t hear on the radio. As long as your kids aren’t in the car, it’s still a great podcast to help you become a better salesman.

Motorcar Marketing is a marketing service firm that offers a variety of different services to car dealers. The company also releases one of the only other dedicated car dealer podcasts, besides The Dealer Playbook, available today. This podcast focuses almost entirely on ROI maximization through advertising mediums and the specific ways to market your inventory.

Since the podcast is produced by a service company in the industry, it’s important to remember that some elements may come with some bias. However, the podcast still provides a lot of great insights.

The Motor Marketing Podcast does a good job at bringing in top experts in the auto industry for interviews. These experts often provide powerful insights based on real experience and knowledge. Information like that is always worth your time.

For car dealers looking to boost their marketing efforts on Facebook, The Social Media Pubcast offers the perfect place to start. Jon Loomer, the host of the podcast, is a leader in the Facebook and social media marketing universe. In each weekly episode, Loomer provides the latest updates on Facebook’s advertising features as well as any new changes to its algorithms.

There is simply no one else out there that is as dialed-in as Jon Loomer when it

comes to Facebook advertising, so the content he provides is truly invaluable.

While this isn’t a “car dealer podcast,” it does cover a very important part of any auto dealer’s marketing strategy. Facebook, and other social media platforms offer an enormous opportunity to car dealers everywhere. This podcast is perfect for staying up-to-date with the quickly growing social media marketing world.

If you like to get insights from the very best in the world, The Art of Charm Podcast could be a great fit for you. It focuses on providing advanced social training through interviews with the world’s best professionals. Some of the podcast’s previous guests include Shaquille O’Neal, Tony Hawk, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Laila Ali, and Mike Rowe.

The podcast releases two to three podcasts every week, and Jordan Harbinger, the primary speaker for the podcasts, delivers valuable information all along the way. These insights are designed to make you better in both your business and personal life.

To be more specific, The Art of Charm Podcasts can teach you to be more

charismatic in almost any situation, to master your career through advanced networking methods, and to boost your personal relationships with restored confidence.

Like with The Hardcore Closer Podcast and The Social Media Pubcast, this is obviously not a dedicated car dealer podcast. That doesn’t mean it can’t help you and others in the auto industry. In fact, sometimes it takes an idea from an outside source to really create momentum as an auto dealer. Either way, the Art of Charm Podcast is definitely worth trying during your next drive.

For car dealers, and others in sales-focused industries, idle time is never a good thing. All that time you spend on the road should be put to use. These podcasts offer the perfect solution for honing your skills during time that might otherwise be wasted!

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Melissa Cadieux is the Social Media Manager at Turbo Marketing Solutions and you can email her here or reach her at Turbo Marketing

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