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  • Melissa Cadieux

Highly Effective Podcast Videos for Car Dealers: How Listening Can Make You Money

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Effective Podcast Videos for Car Dealers

Do you like to multitask? Listen to some music while you take care of routine tasks around the office? Boost your productivity during these times by playing the 30 Days to Sell Cars podcast as you go about your business. Long gone are the days of employees at dealership’s car salesman just sitting around or inspecting the vehicles, just waiting for the next person to come along and test drive a new car, pre-owned car, or classic car and drive it home straight out of the showroom. It’s time to reinvent the way you go about business. This automotive free view marketing podcast for car dealers has all the information you need to completely revolutionize the way you sell cars. Tune in and turn up your sales by staying ahead of the pack and leveraging creative marketing approaches with your host, Sean Cassy.

 About 30 Days to Sell Cars

About 30 Days to Sell Cars

Hosted by an automotive marketing maverick, 30 Days to Sell Cars is basically a free view online video for dealerships and is your one-way ticket to high-level creativity and the courage to explore territory your competitors aren’t even thinking about yet. Your guide on this journey is Sean Cassy, a lifelong student of sales. Since he was a young boy, Sean has been exploring and learning all he can about the art behind selling and marketing, and his career has developed alongside the digital revolution. Rather than feeling confused by the advent of Internet technology, Sean felt inspired, and he’s managed to pair classical sales techniques with a deep understanding of digital marketing. The result is complete knowledge of how to sell cars in the modern world.

Las Vegas’ King of Cars,

This knowledge has taken Sean far. He’s worked with Las Vegas’ King of Cars, worked with more than 1,500 dealers in North America, directed hundreds of hours of video marketing content and created more than 1,800 automotive sales funnels. Don’t know what a sales funnel is? Don’t worry. Sean will explain this in the 30 Days to Sell Cars podcast. That’s just one example of how listening will totally change the way you think about marketing your business.

Sean believes that salesmanship and marketing should always go hand in hand. You can’t really succeed in today’s business climate if you just have one skill at your disposal. 30 Days to Sell Cars will help you combine the way you think about sales and marketing into a single smooth process that allows you to intuitively decide how to target and sell to specific audiences. By changing the way you think about sales and marketing, you’ll gain new insight that changes the way you approach your business in an organic way. You won’t need to change your personality or anything else. You’ll just need to change the way you promote your business and talk to potential customers.

How Listening Can Make You Money

Sell an extra 20-30 vehicles every month

The more you know, the more you can do, and this podcast is all about gaining the knowledge you need to step up to the next level. By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn about advanced marketing techniques such as framing, a concept that may seem kind of out there at first. When Sean explains it, though, you’ll see that you already use framing all the time, both in your personal life and in business. You just might not realize yet that you’re doing it. Learning what framing is and how it works gives you the ability to be more deliberate about your marketing efforts to get better results.

There isn’t some special magic to effective salesmanship, as Sean will show you in this podcast. It’s just about shifting your perception and being willing to take the road less traveled. Do you want to compete or do you want to sell? Sean’s approach is all about selling. You’ll see how your current marketing approach may be holding you back when you hear Sean’s ideas on things like conquest customer marketing and the value of targeting an audience of non-intenders.

30 days to sell cars

30 Days to Sell Cars can make you money in two ways: Earning and saving. You’ll earn more by selling more and you’ll sell more by marketing smarter. Marketing smarter also means that you’ll step away from expensive and crowded marketing segments and focus your efforts on less expensive and less heavily trafficked avenues. You’ll learn why you should do the opposite of what your competitors are doing to get ahead and you’ll see how that can both earn and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Sean will also introduce you to important concepts like the 5 Wrongful Perceptions Every Non-Intender Struggles With and how to overcome those perceptions with the right combination of marketing and salesmanship. You’ll also learn four vital direct-response marketing questions that you must answer to guide your marketing efforts, particularly when it comes to analyzing whether your website is actually doing its job correctly. As you consider your website, you’ll be able to apply your knowledge of the 5 Wrongful Perceptions that block non-intenders from getting directed toward your sales funnel.

Some of the ideas Sean discusses might seem radical, but they’re based on his experience and good sense. Sean lays out a clear argument in support of each of his techniques so if you’re skeptical based on the title, just wait. You’ll see his point of view by the end of the episode.

How to Listen to 30 Days to Sell Cars

 About 30 Days to Sell Cars

There’s so much more to learn, so don’t hesitate. Start listening today! All of the concepts Sean discusses in the 30 Days to Sell Cars podcast are innovative and they build on each other to create a comprehensive approach to automotive marketing in the digital age. Start with episode 1 and move on from there. If you skip around, you’ll still get some great benefits, but you might miss out on some important foundational information that can guide your understanding of the

more advanced techniques Sean discusses in later episodes.

The podcast is free and you can listen to it anywhere you like. We have episodes posted here on the podcast website and you can download via iTunes, Google Play, and Facebook as well. Listen on your own time, but don’t wait too long to get to the next episode. The more you can build on the knowledge you’ve gained, the better you’ll understand Sean’s innovative approach.

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