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How to Dramatically Increase the Sales of Your Dealership From Conquest Customers

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Hi, my name is Sean Cassy, and I am happy that you’re joining us today for the launch of the brand new podcast 30 Days To Sell Cars


I feel privileged to have you here with me today. I know your time is precious, and I also know that content is plentiful on the Web today; so I want to honor your choice and give you straight to the point quality content you will be able to use today to increase your overall business.

My goal with the 30 Days To Sell Cars Podcast, is to inspire, educate and equip you with some “fresh” ideas and powerful tactics to help you generate more leads, make more deals, and move more metal.

Although the soul of the Podcast will revolve a little bit more around the marketing strategies I have discovered, and continue to discover every week to help dealers talk to more people; I know ambitious salespeople will find their home here in the Podcast.

And I say this for two reasons: First, because I believe that great marketing should always be infused with a ton of salesmanship; and two, because I believe great salespeople should always be marketing themselves. I don’t think either one goes without the other.

Welcome to Episode #1 – The Backstory.

Yes, this is episode #1, and since we don’t know each other yet, I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about myself, to help you decide if I’m worth your precious time, and if I’m someone, you should be taking advice from.

I started selling when I was a young boy. I’m the guy who would enter and win every selling challenge available. I would win each year the school’s dreaded chocolate sales during the spring season and take over the calendar sales in fall with the boy scouts; you get the picture. When I was a teenager, I bought Zig Ziglar’s Secrets of Closing the Sale, which I read over and over again until the pages started to fall off and I had to start taping the book so it would hold together.

It’s at that point that I realized that selling was a real profession and not just something you would do until you find a real job like my parents would tell me. So I decided to become a master at selling and spent the last 30 years getting my hands on every single piece of content relating even remotely to sales and marketing.

I must have invested, over the years, more than $200,000 in pursuing mastery, purchasing almost every available seminar, online courses, white-paper, specialized books, high-end coaching, software, and tools from all the great and not so great in the business.

Before 1997, my sales experience was primarily from face-to-face with customers, and trust me if we met on the sales floor you were buying! On the marketing side, my expertise was in direct-mail. I had been gung-ho for years with the idea of turning my face-to-face ability to sell and extending my reach to thousands of people over the mail system.

When the internet came to life, that was my Klondike. Suddenly I could fuse together everything I had learn about sale and direct-marketing and reach million of people around the world… I never looked back.

Helping Over 1,500 Dealers and Working with the “King of Cars.”

Since then, I had the privilege of helping over 1,500 different new car dealers sell more cars every single month in North America. Clients I worked with include dealers from almost every import and domestic manufacturer, and range from small outfits moving a few hundred units a year, to publicly traded dealer groups with over 60 rooftops coast-to-coast. I also had the opportunity of collaborating with big personalities like Josh Towbin (more known as the King of Cars in Las Vegas) which was moving hundreds of units every single month when I had the privilege of working with him!

Now here is where “the rubber meets the road” (PUN intended), and where you will find the proverbial “proof is in the pudding”: I have personally designed over 1,800 automotive sales funnels and edited more than 2,500 YouTube automotive videos that helped car dealers and sales people generate thousands of leads and millions of dollars in gross every year.

I am right now the #1 Pro Designer of a publicly traded company with a 2.26 Billion dollar market cap; a company featured for the last three years as one of the main Superbowl advertisers and with over 100,000,000 Websites designed on their platform in over 130 countries around the world!

In the process, I was blessed to make millions of dollars over the years through an automotive marketing company I started with my wife. We call it Turbo Marketing.

But I also survived some tough times, like the massive market crash of 2008-2009 when both GM and Chrysler went bankrupt, and we lost, in the aftermath, more than half of our clients because (more importantly) they had lost their franchise. Those were real tough times both financially and emotionally. It was hard to see our clients and friends in pain, tears in their eyes, seeing the work of generations slip through their fingers, while they could do nothing about it.

As you can see, I’m no special guy. My wife will confirm that if you ask her. Also, as you have most probably noticed, I have this little accent because the first language my parents thought me was French (please don’t hold it against me). But here’s what I have going for me: I’m a really good student with an insane desire to learn more and more, hone my craft towards excellence, and always push myself towards the next level, then the next one, and the next one for my clients.

I constantly remind myself that you have only 30 Days To Sell Cars… then it starts all over again. You can’t rest on last month’s success; so I can be serving you old content and old tricks and remain relevant. So I dig deeper and deeper.

And it always seems to pay off!

Why Another Automotive Podcast?

I think my real advantage in life is the privilege I have of working with so many great dealers, in so many markets, trying so many techniques and learning so much from the different experiences. The success and the failures.

…and it’s the results of these real life experiences that I want to share with you in this Podcast. I want to bring you each time we meet the tactics that are helping our dealers move cars now, not what used to work, but what’s going to move the needle for you today!

So this is who I am. I’m glad to meet you, and I would love to know more about who you are. You can do this by connecting with me on our Facebook page called 30 Days To Sell Cars, where you will find other like-minded individual committed to their success, who desire to chase greatness, and in the process hope to taste excellence. Make sure to like the page so we can engage with you and get your feedback on the show.

Marketing to Non-Intenders – The Secret to Conquest Success!

Now that the introductions are done, I would like to leave you with something to think about until the next show. It’s one of the main pillars of my approach to automotive marketing. It’s a concept that is guaranteed to shift your mindset and the way you look at your job; a concept you might even find quite controversial.

Are you ready, are you sure? Here it is: While the vast majority of car dealers like to target and invest their advertising budget towards intenders, or the 7%-9% of people that are in-market for their next vehicle; I like to focus my efforts on the other 92% of the population that are not currently seeking to change their vehicle.

Yes, you heard me correctly, I didn’t mix things up. I like to focus my efforts and the marketing dollars of my clients on people who are not looking to change their vehicle, and this is what you should also be doing.

Sounds ludicrous? Let me explain:

The car business is the most beautiful business in the world, and here’s why: Everybody 18-88 would change their vehicle today for something bigger, better, faster, or more fuel efficient; for something with more luxury, more technology, more cargo space, or simply to drive the latest model to satisfy an urge or make their neighbors, family members or co-workers a little jealous…

…but they think they can’t. And that’s why they are not actively in the market now.

The 5 Wrongful Perceptions Every Non-Intender is Struggling With

Non-Intenders think they can’t be “in-market” primarily because of a combination of one or a few of these five major wrongful perceptions:

Price they think it’s not the right time to get the best price

Payment – they think the payment will not fit their budget

Cashthey think too much cash will be required to complete the transaction

Trade – they think they won’t get enough for their trade

Creditthey think credit worthiness might be an issue.

***Here’s the key: if you create marketing and provide salesmanship that answers these wrongful perceptions, these non-intenders will move “in-market” faster than you can blink.***

Vehicle Shoppers With a Clean Slate and an Urge To Solve an Automotive Problem

Now here’s the kicker: These new prospects have not yet spent the last three months educating themselves on the Internet, shopping around, comparing prices, payments, interest rates and incentives. They are fresh into the shopping cycle. They are looking for a solution to the automotive problem they’ve been hoping to solve but thought they couldn’t, and you get the first kick at the can!

On a little more technical side, going after non-intenders is insanely cheaper than going after people in-market for a vehicle. Instead of the $2-$3-$4 and even five dollars per click you might have to pay for first page bids for intenders, you can reach the other 92% of the population for pennies; I’m talking $0.06-$0.07 cents.

The reason is simply competition for the keywords, placement, and interests. While every manufacturer, new and used car dealer, portal and automotive blogger are bidding for the keywords relating to intenders, driving prices up; you will be alone bidding to reach everybody else in town for peanuts!

That’s you taking advantage of the Red Ocean, Blue Ocean Strategy; where instead of competing in an existing market space having to beat the competition, you create an uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant.

IMPORTANT: You Can’t Use The Same Marketing as With Non-Intenders, or You Will Fail

An important point to emphasize here is that you can’t use the same marketing with non-intenders that you are using now with in-market vehicle shoppers. It won’t work. Remember that these people are still under the impression that they can’t be in-market; so your marketing needs to address the five wrongful perceptions. They are Price, Payment, Cash, Trade, and Credit.

If you would like to see examples of the marketing I like to use for non-intenders, and how I tackle Price, Payment, Cash, Trade, and Credit and leverage non-intenders, make sure to watch some of the campaigns I created over the years. I am also working on a video where I will also show you one of my favorite technique to reach non-intenders and turn them into hungry buyers!

When I'm done with the video I'll make sure to add the link here.

How Can I Help – Please Provide Some Feeback!

We’ll it was a pleasure to have you over. I hope you liked this first episode and that you will be back for more. Make sure to subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes or Google Play, so you don’t miss the next strategies I want to share with you. Make sure also to leave me comments. I’m making this show for you, and without your input, I can't make any improvements!

In the next episode, I want to talk to you about using video to bring salesmanship where vehicle shoppers are educating themselves about their next purchase and a very important concept called “framing.” You’re not going to want to miss this show I promise. Video is probably the most powerful tool available right now to any dealership or any salesperson to help them sell more cars. I hope I catch you on the next Podcast.

Until then, I wish you a great week. Remember that we only have 30 days to sell cars when the month starts, and we probably have less than that if you look at your calendar now! So like I love to say: Let’s sell some cars!

Sean Cassy is co-owner and the automotive digital marketing strategist at Turbo Marketing. You can contact him here by email or reach him from 8am-6pm every weekday at Turbo Marketing Solutions.

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